Thursday, 1 January 2015

Jay Z Witnessed INSANE Thai Fight K.O. Elbow To The Face!!

Well, now we understand why Jay Z just had to take a picture with a fighter after a game this week Muay Thai ... the guy almost decapitated a grown man with a vicious spinning back elbow!!!

As reported earlier, Jay and Beyoncé had date night in a fight Muay Thai in Phuket Thailand yesterday ... and sat in the front row when a guy named Omar Z Tobasi he entered the ring.

Check out the images of madness ... Tobasi busting a move Straight Outta "Street Fighter 2" ... and hits the other guy in another dimension.

Jay was so impressed, he went to the ring and took a picture with the champion.

Ya gotta think ... with Jay running his own sports agency, is it possible you're thinking of expanding into the world of MMA??? We'll see...

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