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In a Reddit AMA, he names “nothing was the same” and “Magna Carta Holy Grail “as two modern classics

Not long after sitting down with Fuse to reflect on their debut album Illmatic for our special three parts 20, Nas stopped by for a Reddit AMA to talk directly with fans about his game-changing debut.

Besides talking Illmatic, the estimated MC also shared their picks for the most significant albums of rap culture - the creation of all time - and purists are surprised to see that he took two major titles at that level 2,013.

" Illmatic has been regarded as the best hip hop album of all time and was emblematic of the impact left the hip hop " wrote a user on Reddit . " What other hip hop albums you think was significant in shaping culture? "

After offering some of the usual suspects - Public Enemy It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back and Eric B. & Rakim from Paid in Full - Nas named a recent LPs, including the latest offers of Drake and Jay Z.

Well, to be precise, Nas wrote , " the latest album by Drake Holy Grail, " but we're assuming that means two albums and is not accidentally calling Drake Nothing was the same with the name of Jay Last .

That's still a great endorsement. I NWTS received universally positive reviews, but most critics tempered their praise. Rolling Stone praised, but rebuked Drake for some “some really cheesy lines” while HipHopDX beat him with the connection handle, but that conviction, “pop -rap heavyweight.”

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Magna Charter Holy Grail ... currently has a 60 on Metacritic , meaning it received reviews " mixed or average " , so having Nas adopted in the same category as Illmatic is quite important ( either that or you just feel particularly generous with Jay after Coachella detect together).

Based on sales, the fans have responded voraciously these two albums, even if the critical response has been more measured. So maybe when those records celebrate their achievements of 20 years, we'll be mentioning one or two in the same category as Illmatic.

Or ... maybe not. Although it seems unlikely either will never get that much register universal worship, Nas said that these two versions as “classics of all time" is a good indicator of resilience is higher than many thought at first .

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